Xinsong Du

xinsongduXinsong Du is a Master student at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University. He is now working at Li Lab (Large-scale Intelligent Systems Laboratory) under the supervision of Dr. Xiaolin Li. He is applying deep learning to sepsis development prediction and some other world challenging medical problems.

WeChat: 314880514
Research Interests: Machine Learning, data mining, Bioinformatics


  • Chuntao Du1, Xinsong Du2*. Cache Optimization by Fully-Replacement Policy, has been accepted on 11/09/2016 by “American Journal of Embedded Systems and Applications”. ISSN (printed): 2376-6069. ISSN (electronic): 2376-6085

Xinsong Du1, Chuntao Du2* and Zhantao Li3. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of Effect of Return Air Velocity on The Thermal Performance of Mine Return Air Heat Exchanger, Mathematics in practice and theory, 2014, 44(22) [Remark: This is a Chinese Journal]