Vivek Viswanath

Vivek Viswanath is a Master’s student of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of Florida. Before graduating in May 2017, Vivek was working as a graduate research assistant at Li Lab between Jan 2016 and May 2017. Before joining the Gator Nation, he worked as an Agile Software Engineer with Atos India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India (July 2012 – December 2014), and as a social media content editor with Crowdfire (Jan 2015 – July 2015), Mumbai, India. Vivek received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Symbiosis International University (2012).

Research Interests: Deep Learning (Image, Speech), Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computational Biology
Email: vivek201189-at-ufl-dot-edu, vivi201189-at-gmail-dot-com
Office Address(Previous): 1064 Center Dr. NEB 406, Gainesville, Florida



Professional Industry Experience

Software Engineer (July 2012 – Dec 2014)
Atos India Pvt Ltd
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Technologies used: Java, SQL, MySQL, Spring, Apache Subversion, SonarQube, Jenkins, Apache Maven, Atlassian JIRA

Social Media Content Editor (Jan 2015 – Jul 2015)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Twitter-Instagram-YouTube Marketing Campaigns

Publications & Posters

  • Laksshman S, Bhat RR, Viswanath V, Li X. 2017. DeepBipolar: Identifying genomic mutations for bipolar disorder via deep learning. Hum Mutat 38:1217-1224. (Accepted) doi:10.1002/humu.23272
  • Bhat, R. Rajendra, Viswanath, V., Li, X. 2016. DeepCancer: Detecting Cancer through Gene Expression via Deep Generative Learning, IEEE 2017 International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (2017) (Accepted).
  • Ojika, D., Liu, C., Goel, R., Viswanath, V., Tugave, A., Sivakumar, S. (2015). Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Large-Scale Scene Classification. Poster presented at: ImageNet & MS COCO Workshop. International Conference on Computer Vision; 2015 Dec 11-18; Santiago, Chile (Accepted)