Welcome to BigSystem 2014

With the emerging technology breakthrough in computing, networking, storage, mobility, and analytics, the boundary of systems is undergoing fundamental change and is expected to logically disappear. It is the time to rethink system design and management without boundaries towards software-defined ecosystems, the Big System. The basic principles of software-defined mechanisms and policies have witnessed great success in clouds and networks. We are expecting broader, deeper, and greater evolution and confluence towards holistic software-defined ecosystems.

The First International Workshop on Software-Defined Ecosystems (BigSystem 2014) provides an open forum for researchers, practitioners, and system builders to exchange ideas, discuss, and shape roadmaps towards such big systems in the era of big data.

BigSystem 2014 is co-located with the 23rd ACM HPDC 2014, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, June 23-27, 2014.

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