• Big Data, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Platforms, High Performance Computing, Security & Privacy, Internet-of-Things/Cyber-Physical Systems, Software-Defined Networking
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Architecture, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Deep Reinforcement Learning
    • Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding, Intelligent Health Systems, Autonomous Systems
  • Enabling Applications in Health, Precision Medicine, Genomics, Science, Engineering, Business, Agriculture, Art

Current Projects

DeepCloud DeepHealth deepdrug-1k
DeepCloud DeepHealth  DeepDrug
DeepEyes DeepScience deepsecurity-1k
DeepEyes  DeepScience  DeepSecurity
DeepBusiness deeprobot-1k DeepNFV
DeepBusiness DeepRobot DeepSDN

Past Projects

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