Yanjun Li

%e8%af%81%e4%bb%b6%e7%85%a7Yanjun Li is a PhD student of Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department, University of Florida. Before joining the lab, he received his dual master degree in Information, Production & Systems Engineering from Waseda University, and Communication & Information System from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). He obtained his B.S degree in Information Engineering from UESTC.

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Health
Email: yanjun.li-at-ufl
Address: 1064 Center Dr. NEB 406, Gainesville, Florida


Selected Publications

  • Yanjun Li, Mohammad A. Rezaei, Chenglong Li, and Xiaolin Li. “DeepAtom: A Framework for Protein-Ligand Binding Affinity Prediction.” (Submitted).
  • Yanjun Li, Hengtong Kang, Ketian Ye, and Xiaolin Li. “FoldingZero: Protein Folding from Scratch in Hydrophobic-Polar Model.” (Submitted).
  • Sundaram, Laksshman, Hong Gao, Samskruthi Reddy Padigepati, Jeremy F. McRae, Yanjun Li, Jack A. Kosmicki, Nondas Fritzilas, Jörg Hakenberg, Anindita Dutta, John Shon, Jinbo Xu, Serafim Batzloglou, Xiaolin Li and Kyle Kai-How Farh. “Predicting the clinical impact of human mutation with deep neural networks.” Nature genetics 50, no. 8 (2018): 1161.
  • Zhu, Qile, Yanjun Li, and Xiaolin Li. “Character Sequence-to-Sequence Model with Global Attention for Universal Morphological Reinflection.” Proceedings of the CoNLL SIGMORPHON 2017 Shared Task: Universal Morphological Reinflection (2017): 85-89.
  • Yanjun, Li, Li Xiaobo, and Yoshie Osamu. “Traffic engineering framework with machine learning based meta-layer in software-defined networks.” Network Infrastructure and Digital Content (IC-NIDC), 2014 4th IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.