Principal Investigator

Dr. Xiaolin (Andy) Li

Professor, University Term Professor
Director, National Science Foundation Center for Big Learning (CBL)
Director, Large-scale Intelligent Systems Laboratory (Li Lab)
Email: andyli-at-ece [Contact]

Graduate Students (Intrepid Trailblazers)

(Under Construction)



Xiaoyong Yuan

PhD Student
Email: chbrian-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Security, Cloud Computing, Genomics


Zheng Feng

PhD Student
Email: fengzheng-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Deep Health, Cloud Computing

Rajendra Rana Bhat

PhD Student
Email: rbhat-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Genomics, Health Care, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Stochastic Optimization



Qile Zhu

PhD Student
Email: valder-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP


Yanjun Li

PhD Student
Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Health


Xiyao Ma

PhD Student
Email: maxiy-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Natural Language Process, Reinforcement Learning


Yanlin Zhou

PhD Student
Email: zhou-dot-y-at-ufl
Deep Reinforcement Learning, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Smart Grid


Fan Lu

PhD Student
Email: fan-dot-lu-at-ufl
Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning

Undergraduate Students (Talented Go-Getters)


Ryan Berndt

BS Student
Email: rvberndt-at-uf
Smart Robot

Visiting Scholars (Fearless Explorers)

 Wei Liu
Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang

Northeastern University, China
Email: zhangwei1-at-uf

Alumni (Left But Not Forgotten)



Dr. Di Wang

Email: wdiyou-at-uf
PhD Dissertation: “Enabling Indoor Location Context Using Smartphone Inertial Sensors,” 2016.
Employment: Senior Design Engineer, Jabil, Tampa, FL


Dr. Kaikai Liu

Email: kaikailiu-at-uf
PhD Dissertation: “Towards Smart Life via Mobile Sensing Systems,” 2015.
Best Paper Award, IEEE SECON 2016
Gator Engineering Attribute Award – Creativity Attribute, 2015
NSF I-Corps Top Team Award, 2015
Internship at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, 2014

Employment: Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA


Dr. Ze Yu

Email: zeyu-at-uf
PhD Dissertation: “Towards Software-Defined Big Data Processing Systems,” 2015.
Internship at Qualcomm Research, 2014.
Internet2 Innovative Application Award, 2013

Employment: Software Engineer, Google, CA


Dr. Xin Yang

Email: xin-at-cise
PhD Dissertation: “Design and Implementation of MapReduce Systems for Block-Oriented Iterative Scientific Applications,” 2013
Best Paper Award, ACM CAC 2013
Internship at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, 2013
Employment: Data Engineer, Facebook, CA


Dr. Xinxin Liu

Email: xinxin-at-cise
PhD Dissertation: “Privacy Preserving Techniques in Mobile Networks,” 2013
Internship at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, 2012
Employment: Senior Software Engineer, Google, CA


Dr. Han Zhao

Email: han-at-cise
PhD Dissertation: “Exploring Cost-Effective Resource Management Strategies in the Age of Utility Computing,” 2013
Don and Shirley Fisher Graduate Scholarship, 2009
Internship at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, 2010
Employment: Cloud ML Engineer, Google, CA


Dr. Huanyu Zhao

Email: zhao.huanyu-at-gmail
PhD Dissertation: “TrustNet: a Trust and Reputation Management System in Distributed Environments,” 2011.
Internship at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, 2011
Don and Shirley Fisher Graduate Scholarship, 2008
Best Paper Award, IEEE Ubisafe 2007

Employment: Senior Software Developer, LinkedIn, CA


Dr. Tai-Won Um

Postdoctoral Researcher
Project: GatorCloud
Email: taiwonum-at-gmail
Employment: Principal Researcher, ETRI


Dr. Hank Jianzong Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Project: CognitiveEngine
Email: jzwang-at-uf
Employment: Director of DL Platform, Pingan