InAR: Smartphone on Steroids with Indoor Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most exciting future mobile technologies around. Due to the inaccurate nature and limitations of sensors in a smartphone, mobile AR applications are not possible yet, especially in indoor environments. In this paper, we propose a suite of algorithms that are essential in enabling indoor/outdoor AR applications, and allow you to experience this future technology. There are several stringent requirements for AR applications: highly accurate pose/attitude and displacement estimation; detect and mapping the point-of-interest (POI) within the camera view; fast rendering and tracking of the AR overlay when the camera moves; no additional hardware requirement for users and would not kill users’ battery. Leveraging various sensors and fine-grained fusion, our prototype InAR App demonstrates significantly reduced error in presenting and tracking the AR view. All these results are expected to make you excited to explore your surroundings with enriched content.