NSF I-Corps (Entrepreneurial Lead)

One minute technical video:

Two minute lessons learned video:

Softwares Designed by Kaikai Liu


My Resume App (Got Apple Student Scholarship)



Guoguo: Fine-grained Indoor Localization


ToGathor: Mobile Social Network with Missions


Ultra-wideband Through-the-wall Communication and Radar Detection


Electromagnetic Simulation Software based on 3D Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method


Company Management System

(Built for fun, Real Deployed)

Hardwares Designed by Kaikai Liu


Embedded Sensor/Anchor based on Zigbee, Micro-controller, Audio Codec


Wearable Tag based Bluetooth-Low-Energy


Low-Complexity UWB Receiver Architecture for hybrid Communication and Radar Device (First Author Patent)


RF Front-end for UWB hybrid Communication and Radar Device (Transmit, receive, antenna switch)


High Speed Dual-Channel Sampling and Processing Platform (32Gbps) with ADC (2GHz*2), FPGA (1517pin), DSP, Ethernet


High Speed Signal Processing Platform with Parallel FPGA and Fixed Point DSP

High Speed Sampling and Data Acquisition

Floating Point DSP Processing