SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research at Florida

Published: September 7th, 2017

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SURF 2017 Cohort

  • This inaugural group of 40 non-UF students resided on campus from late May to early August 2017.  Four Colleges (HWCOE, CLAS, CALS, Pharmacy) hosted the prospective Ph.D. students for FY18 for a 10 week period with a faculty mentor and Ph.D. student mentor.  The goal of SURF is Ph.D. enrollment to UF.  More details on the program including YouTube Videos of each SURF student can be found here:
  • Li Lab hosts a SURF scholar: John Fodero from Pennsylvania State University in The GatorDrive Mini project with other labmates Rahul Sengupta, Shiv Rajora, and Yikai Mao (undergraduate).

John Fodero’s SURF experience

GatorPilot: Bayesian Deep Reinforcement Learning for Self-Driving Safety

  •  GatorDrive Mini is a part of the GatorPilot project.
  • This video demonstrates the enhanced Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient algorithm (reference). A DDPG agent controls the steering angle of the car within TORCS car driving simulator. This DDPG agent outputs a continuous smooth steering angle decision, i.e., a steering angle that can vary between complete left and complete right, as well as acceleration and braking signals.  With extensive training on a variety of track scenarios, we can see that the car can drive on new track scenarios at the near-human-level performance.